Restrict the checkout process for your customers, based on a variety of criteria. You can create as many restrictions as you want, each with their own rules and message to display regarding why the customer cannot check out.

  • Upload and go — utilizes ocMod so no core file modifications are necessary.
  • Enjoy peace of mind: all settings are automatically saved to the database when changed, and are backed up to a backup file every time the admin panel is loaded. Settings can also be manually backed up, and then downloaded to restore from later, or to edit in a spreadsheet application.
  • Display a custom message when the checkout is restricted.
  • Create restrictions quickly and easily using the clean admin interface and intuitive rules system. Available rule types include:

    – Cart/Item Criteria: length, width, height, quantity, stock, total, volume, weight

    – Date/Time Criteria: day of the week, date, time

    – Location Criteria: city, country, distance, geo zone, location comparison, postcode, zone

    – Order Criteria: currency, customer group, language, store

    – Product Criteria: category, manufacturer, product, or build your own group

  • Build rule sets to apply multiple rules to a restriction at once. Re-use the same rule set to quickly create the restrictions you need.
  • Group products, categories, and manufacturers together however you want to create Product Groups. These groups can then be used to determine when restrictions apply.
  • Use the included Testing Mode to determine why restrictions are not working as expected on the front-end, helping to debug complex rule interactions.
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